Do you like our beats, and hear yourself on them, but just can’t think of a catchy melody/flow? Well, in steps “Song Starter”. For for the first time in the world of licensing beats, you can get melody & flow ideas for your desired beat(s), giving you confidence in your song before you buy. This service is for those of you that have a difficult time writing songs. Now, we are cutting your work in half!

For just $97, we will record 3 melody and/or flow ideas (no lyrics) for the verse, hook, and bridge of your selected beat. So you will receive 9 separate files per order – 3 verse ideas, 3 hook ideas, and 3 bridge ideas. As we have several years of experience as songwriters, and can easily tap into almost any genre, these song starters are bound to inspire creativity within you to write the full song.


  • We specialize in modern Hip-Hop, R&B, and Pop styles. Gospel and Jazz are not strong-suits for us. Please keep this in mind before making your order.
  • When ordering this service, the beat(s) must be made by us.
  • Use of our melodies/flows that we suggest are 100% royalty-free. Feel free to use them as is.
  • Turn-around time is less than 72 hrs (on business days, excluding holidays & vacations)

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