Fivestar Beats, founded in 2009, offers flavorful music production to songwriters & recording artists in the commercial music genres (from rap instrumentals and Hip-Hop beats, to Pop/Top40 tracks, we’ve got you covered). Since working with industry-leading clients such as Fox, ABC, MTV, Sony, Universal, and more, Fivestar Beats has made its music production readily available to indie artists. We at Fivestar Beats pride ourselves on our unique, “above and beyond” service mentality, and enjoy building personal relationships with each of our clients, while learning how to best fit their needs. Fivestar Beats is more than a business – it’s your musical family.


If you’re an artist or songwriter that is serious about making it in the music industry, your beat-selection better be serious too. With over 30 years of combined experience, Fivestar Beats™ brings you music production you cannot deny.

Music listeners don’t like songs “just because”… We’ve studied meticulously to crack the code on WHY popular music is “cool”… and injected the answer straight into our production, which is readily available to you!

You no longer have to worry about “making hit songs”… we’ve sorted half of that battle for you. With great production that can stand alone, you can now focus strictly on what really matters – building your fan base and making money from your craft.

What sets us apart is we “actually build relationships” with our clients, and help them along the way in their careers. This industry can be a cold world, but with our experience & guidance, we are here to help shine a light on your path.

Ultimately, we would love to become your exclusive “go-to producers” for any project that you have in mind. Drake (or any other wildly successful artist for that matter) didn’t make his mark by having 50+ producers. It takes “one” small team with a unified vision to create something great. Period.

We have professional placements with some of the largest brands in the world, including Kevin Gates, Young Thug, Austin Mahone, Mr. Probz, Musiq Soulchild, LP, ABC, FOX, NBC, Universal Records, & Atlantic Records, just to name a few.

There is a reason that these major brands trust us with their music production needs – it’s because we know what we’re doing, and have since before this business was started back in 2009.